In the beginning…

I did it! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a few weeks now, so I quit thinking about it and just did it! I don’t know if anyone will ever read what is posted on this blog, but that’s ok. The purpose of it is more for me than it is for you. I felt the Lord leading me to start this blog as a way for Him to teach me to be vulnerable and put into words what I’m thinking. I like to consider myself an extroverted introvert (or introverted extrovert, I’m not sure which one makes more sense), so it is very easy for me to get inside my head and stay there. But the Lord is teaching me the value in sharing what I’m thinking and what He’s teaching me. So here it is! My thoughts about life, being twenty-something, the world around me, and how I am called to live. Learn from it, share it, or read it and forget about it. Whatever you choose to do, I pray that the Lord uses this blog in ways I could never imagine.


2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog and I have enjoyed what you have been doing these two years. Take care and keep your eyes turned the right way. Love


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