An Ode to Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop, oh how I love thee.

You are good for so many things: drinking coffee (aka spending way too much money on expensive coffee you could have made at home), getting work done (or if you’re me, people watching and listening to their conversations), reading good books (*cough* the Harry Potter series *cough*), finding your husband (or just daydreaming about meeting a cool hipster guy while doing cool hipster things in a cool hipster coffee shop), and spending time with friends (aka talking about how you want to meet a cool hipster guy in a cool hipster coffee shop), among other things.

You have provided me with lots of laughs, a coffee addiction, and a desire to be cool.

I am thankful for the countless hours spent reading God’s Word and being pointed to Truth with precious friends. I am thankful for the many funny and awkward first dates I have witnessed while sitting at my favorite table. I am thankful for the love and appreciation of good coffee that you have given me. But most of all, I am thankful for your love.

Coffee Shop, you are always there for me, waiting with open doors (because you don’t have arms) and hot coffee (or cold if I prefer). You welcome me, begging me to come inside and sit at your tables. You offer me a place to go, a home. You teach me about life, the world around me, and myself.

I am forever thankful for you, Coffee Shop, and your many brothers and sisters around the world who will also always be there for me when I need it most.

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