A Word (from God) to the Wise

be•lieve: (verb) to accept or regard (something) as true; to accept the truth of what is said by (someone); to accept something as true, genuine, or real; to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something (or someone)

Happy September! Fall is so so near I can (almost) taste it! So, earlier today I was looking back in my journal and reading some of the things I had written down throughout the summer. I came across where I wrote my Word of the Month for July: surrender. I wrote definitions, Bible verses, lyrics from songs, and lines from articles. I wanted my July 2016 to be defined by the word surrender, and I really saw the Lord do great things in my heart to see that become a reality.

So all of this looking back on the (very recent) past really got me thinking. I should choose a word for the month of September, I thought. And lucky for me, September just started four days ago! So here I am, looking forward to September 2016 and thinking about what I want it to look like, what I want it to be defined by, shaped by.

This morning at church we looked at John 14:1-6, but verse 1 really stuck out to me:

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe in me also” (John 14:1).

Jesus is saying that all we need to do is believe in Him; believe that He is who He says He is and that He is God. But there is a little more to it than just an intellectual knowledge of God. The word believe involves knowledge, but it also involves trust. My dear friend McKenzie once said, “It’s one thing to believe in God, and it’s another thing to believe God.” I think this statement sums it all up: God not only wants us to know Him intellectually, but He also wants us to trust Him with everything we have.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t choose a Word of the Month for August, I was wondering the same thing. I think the reason why I didn’t is because I wasn’t trusting the Lord. Right now I am in a season of raising support so I can work on campus with sorority girls at UCLA, sharing the gospel with them and discipling them. I am in a place where my only option is to rely on the Lord, to trust that He will provide every single thing that I need. But I was definitely not doing that. Not trusting God and not believing His promises resulted in me feeling disconnected from Him and having no motivation to work hard to raise support. I made it all about me and how I felt, and I completely forgot that everything I do is for His glory. I tried to do everything on my own strength and chose not to trust and believe Him.

I want September 2016 to look very different from August 2016. I want this month to be one marked with trust and belief in God and His promises. I want it to be defined by reliance on the Lord to provide my every need. I want to see God do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine, not for my glory but for the glory of God (Ephesians 3:20).

“I believe; help my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

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