Where the Players Play

A season of raising support means a season of living at home with my parents, my 18-year-old sister, and our two dogs. I am so so thankful to have this time at home with my family before I move across the country to Los Angeles. I am excited to live in my hometown (Atlanta, GA) as an adult, something I haven’t really experienced before. In order to make the most of my time while at home, I decided to make a bucket list! I probably forgot a lot of things, and I’m sure as time goes on I will think of new things I want to add to the list. But here is what I got so far!

Food & Drinks


Sublime Doughnuts– I love doughnuts (I mean who doesn’t love doughnuts?!). So of course I’ll love a gourmet doughnut, right?


Bartaco– Taco Tuesday should be every day of the week!


West Egg– Breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, & breakfast for dinner is my motto!

Revelator Coffee.JPG

Revelator Coffee– One of my favorite things to do is spend time in cool coffee shops (see “An Ode to Coffee Shops”). I love good coffee and even better people watching!


Tom+Chee– Fall= colder weather=yummy soup and grilled cheese!


Krog Street Market– Who doesn’t love choices?! Krog Street Market (think Chelsea Market in Manhattan) has tons of yummy choices from tacos (are we seeing a bit of a theme here?) to Southern fried chicken and everything in between!

Things To Do

Skyline Park.jpg

Skyline Park– Essentially a year-round fair on top of Ponce City Market. It doesn’t get much more hipster than that.

Jackson Street Bridge.jpeg

Jackson Street Bridge– The best spot in the city to get a (Instagram-worthy) picture of the Atlanta skyline.

The Goat Farm.jpg

The Goat Farm– You can see art and live music and drink coffee in a super cool coffee shop (another theme going on here). P.S. I’m not sure if there are actually goats there or not.

Piedmont Park.jpg

Piedmont Park– Not much to explain, but it’s a popular park in the city where you can go and have a picnic and play frisbee with friends!

Oh Hellos.jpeg

The Oh Hellos– One of my favorite bands is playing in a sweet venue in the city (Variety Playhouse) just days away from my birthday. Mom? Tickets? B-day present?


Walk the Beltline– You can walk the Beltline for multiple reasons: 1. for exercise in a trendy location wearing trendy workout clothes, or 2. to take pretty pictures in front of street art to give your Instagram a more cultured and artsy feel.

Shoot the Hooch.jpg

Shoot the Hooch– So summery. So frat. Tubes, beer, friends, sun, and water– what’s not to love?

Kennesaw Mtn..jpg

Hike Kennesaw Mountain– Kennesaw Mountain is a hidden gem right outside the city. If you go on a less hazy day, you can see the Atlanta skyline from the top (and it’s not a super far, super hard hike, so even I can do it!).


See popular ATL Street Art– Street art is everywhere in Atlanta. There are some popular must-see spots in the city, and once again they are a great way to beef up your Instagram profile (theme number 3!).

Fingers crossed I actually do all of these things! Here goes nothin!


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